About the game

Enjoy interactive multiplayer in the same room with friends and family, the space way!

Gather all your phones, tablets, friends, and family, and enjoy the real time battles in intergalactic space.

With five distinct spaceships to choose from and four, star exploding meteor clashing, maps to pick, you're guaranteed to have fun.

It's simple, connect your devices to the same network, select the Galaxy, and start blasting rockets and space bullets at each other.

Please be advised, elbow room is required.

Multiplayer Space Deathmatch allows friends and families to connect their devices to each other through a WiFi network and/or Hotspot tethering for interactive fun with space maps and rocket ships. An active internet connection is not required and this version does not include single player. This version does include four players, four maps, five spaceships, any LAN support, English and Spanish, and unique power ups.

General Troubleshooting

If you have any lag during the game check that your WIFI strenght signal is optimal.

If you do not find any server to connect, check that you are connected in the same network where the server is running, or verify that your are not behind a firewall that it is blocking the connection, the game client and server use the 38000 port number by default for communication, you can change the port on the configuration screen.


The purpose of this game is to be played on any LAN (local area network), this is not an online game.
This game does not have a singleplayer mode.